The association was founded on the 14th of November 1987.
The purposes of the association are to nurture the interests of Faroese composers, to protect their rights and to actively seek to improve the composers' artistic and financial circumstances.


Jens L. Thomsen

London, England

Jens L. Thomsen (BA, MSc) is the founder and leader of the experimental and innovative Faroese band ORKA known for their self-built instruments and unique sound.

Jens has composed music for theatre, e.g. Det Færøsche Compagnie, as well as soundtracks for various award winning short films by Rammatik and Heiðrik á Heygum. He has also composed and performed music for runway shows by fashion designer Barbara í Gongini and created sound installations for e.g. the Royal Festival Hall in London. 

Beside having toured all over the world with a number of artists, Jens is credited on more than 100 album releases including releases by ORKA, Eivør, Hanus G. Johansen, Martha Wainwright, Sasha Siem and Travis.

Jens was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2009 and 2016. Jens has been awarded 1st prize on collaborative works at Stockholm Fringe, Liet International, and Prix Føroyar, and received the Student Achievement Award at University of West London.

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Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
NORÐ - Soundscape for Royal Festival Hall2017KodaSound installation
ORKA - Vað2016TUTLStudio album
Indre Serpytite - Black Site2016KodaSound installation
Antero Hein & Tony Tran - Schismogenesis2016KodaDance piece
Nina - Hun står i nordenvind2016MilikStudio album
Sasha Siem - Bird Burning2016Blue Plum RecordsStudio album
DFC - Operation: Valentine2015KodaTheatre piece
HULDA - Huldasound2015TutlStudio album
Døgg - Nón2015TutlStudio album
ORKA - Leipzig2014TUTLStudio album
Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir - Fantastar2014KodaTheatre piece
Barbara í Gongini - SS152014KodaFashion show
Barbara í Gongini - AW142014KodaFashion show
Annika Ostwald & Ida Uvaas - Korp Korp2014KodaTheatre piece
Andras Spang Olsen Trio ? Composition II2013KodaTrio
Barbara í Gongini - SS132013KodaFashion show
Barbara í Gongini - Museum Angewandte Kunst2013KodaSound installation
DFC - Regn2013KodaTheatre piece
Allan Tausen - Unknown2013TutlStudio album
Knút H. Eysturstein - On High2013TutlStudio album
Marius Ziska - Recreation2013Tutl, Stargazer RecordsStudio album
ORKA - Føroyar 5.22012KodaSound installation
ORKA - Live at Trans Musicales2012TutlLive album
Logos Robot Orchestra ? Kontrakt2012KodaOrchestra
DFC - Rain2012KodaTheatre piece
Koks2012KodaSound installation
ORKA - Óró2011TUTLStudio Album
Barbara í Gongini - AW112011KodaFashion show
Barbara í Gongini - AW112011KodaShort film
Rammatik - Amohr2011KodaShort film
Rammatik - Irra2011KodaShort film
I Vesterled2011KodaTheatre piece
DFC - En rejse udi Færø2011KodaTheatre piece
Barbara í Gongini - AW102010KodaFashion show
Rammatik - Magma2010KodaShort film
Eivør Pálsdóttir - Larva2010TutlStudio album
T.O.S. - Til tann, ið oyru hevur2010TutlStudio album
Power Oyster - Instant Classic No. 1: Male Dominance 2009TutlStudio album
Rammatik - Memotekið2009KodaShort film
Heðin Ziska Davidsen - Barr-In2009KodaSound installation
ORKA - Livandi Oyða2007TUTL, Ici d’ailleursStudio album
Clickhaze - EP2002Tutl, CopeEP