The association was founded on the 14th of November 1987.
The purposes of the association are to nurture the interests of Faroese composers, to protect their rights and to actively seek to improve the composers' artistic and financial circumstances.


Petur Pólson

Petur Pólson released his solo debut “Koma” in 2005. In early 2007 work started on the follow up. Recordings were in March 2007 with “Koma” musicians. This never materialised but in late 2007 Petur Pólson and “Koma” producer Bogi á Lakjuni started making demo recordings and live tapes of basic ideas and song structures to work on. In 2008 Petur and Bogi started recording the follow up to “Koma”. The songs started taking shape and getting their own identities. The recording process was a tricky one. The drums were recorded in Denmark in May 2008. Guitars and bass were recording during the summer, as well as the backing vocals. In November 2008 the principal recordings were done. 

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Brass Quintet in Three Partsbrassq201611:30Manus.
AVE2014Tutl RecordsStudio Album
Transit2011Studio Album
Tokyó2009Studio Album
Koma2005Studio Album