Tróndur Bogason Hansen

Dalslandsgade 8, K506, 2300 København S

The music of Tróndur Bogason (1976) has a distinctive and ghostlike character - filled with temperament and primal force. 
His music contains a dramaturgy in which the use of spatial and visual aspects often play a dominant role, and where the music creates an absurd theaterlike world of great contrasts. 
He has a wide compositional span which ranges from the small choir miniature to complex works of various instrumentations, he has won several 1. prizes in composition competitions and his music has been performed by wide selection of Faroese and international performers around the world. 
In recent years he has also arranged for a number of folk/pop/rock artists including Hanus Johansen and Teitur.

1999-2005: The Masters programme in composition at The Royal Danish Conservatoire in Copenhagen with Ib Nørholm & Hans Abrahamsen;  and at The Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag with Martijn Padding and Louis Andriessen. 
2005-2007: The Soloist programme in composition at The Royal Danish Conservatoire with Bent Sørensen.

Title Instrument Year Duration Publisher Recording
Barbaraperc, SATB, electronics200953 min
Svøvnuringtr, cl, perc, voice, electronics200912 min
Butterflypno, perc200917 min
Laikapno200825 min
Gluevln, vla, cl20087 min
Babelstring, woodwind, pno, trb, perc, electronics200860 min
Nocturne 1SATB200810 min
Investigations of a dogtrb, electronics200765 min
The puzzlesymfoni orchestra200714 min
Exchangespno20068 min
Kugellampencl, electronics200514 min
Alienspno, trb200420 min
Wer Herrscht?vlc, acc, fl, voice20048 min
Asonatastring, electronics200412 min
Prælogsinfonietta19996 min